Massage Therapy

Massages are our specialty and can be customized just for you.

Relax Swedish Massage

Focuses on muscle relief as it eases tension and stiffness using varied strokes. Stress-relieving light to medium pressure to help promote an overall sense of well-being.

Available in 50 and 80 minute sessions.

New: Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage therapy is essentially the same as deep tissue or Swedish massage. However, rather than the therapist simply using their hands to warm the muscles and reduce pain in the ligaments and joints, the therapist uses warm bamboo sticks. This massage increases the blood flow leading to extreme relaxation, improves joint stiffness, sleep quality, clarity of mind, improves lymphatic drainage and releases endorphins.

Available in 50 and 80 minute sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

Your therapist will customize this massage based on your specific areas of concern.  Firm pressure massage releases tightened nerves and loosens deep muscle tissue layers to eliminate knots, and alleviate any stress related tightness and tenderness.

Available in 50 and 80 minute sessions.

New: Himalayan Salt Massage

From the Primal Sea, where all life originated, Himalayan Salt provides added benefits compared to traditional hot stone massage using basalt stones. The benefits of this massage are: alkalizes and lightly exfoliates the skin, replenishes and nourishes your skin and body with 84 essential minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and more. The heated salt stones generate negative ions that creates a deeper sense of peace. Himalayan salt stones have been known to detoxify, help reduce insomnia,improve blood pressure and relieve stress.

Available in 50 and 80 minute sessions.

Basalt Stones Massage

Warm stones used throughout the massage with a light to medium pressure to relax muscles allowing the heat of the stones to work deep into your muscles to help melt away stress and tension.

Available in 50 and 80 minute sessions.

Duo Couples Massage

Enjoy a side-by-side massage with your special someone in a romantic, tranquil atmosphere.  A delightfully relaxing experience to share for an occasion.

Available as Swedish/Deep Tissue or Basalt Stones in 50 and 80 minutes.

Organic Indulgence Massage

Indulge in a full body massage using a botanical organic massage lotion to revive your skin and senses while you relax.

Available as Swedish/Deep Tissue or Basalt Stones in 50 and 80 minutes.


This massage is designed for the mom-to-be!  We create a relaxing full body massage to alleviate hip, back and leg pain and improve overall circulation, but above all help you relax!

Teen Massage

Teen 25min mini session offers a choice of back & shoulders or legs & feet massage.

Available also in 50 minutes as full body massage.


This alternative medicine technique relieves pain, anxiety and depression enhancing relaxation and sleep.

Available in 45 min and 10 minutes add-on session.

Chair Massage

Available in 20 minutes session.

Massage Enhancements

  • Neck and Shoulders Myofascial Release
  • Peppermint Scalp Massage
  • Body Stretching
  • Reflexology
  • Feet Massage
  • Facial Toning Massage
  • Massage Tools
  • Hydrotherapy Bliss Bath – Enhance any service with this relaxing and rejuvenating aromatherapeutic bath that will prepare your skin for optimum treatment benefits. Available for couple and single guest.
  • Swedish Steam Ritual – Sit and meditate in your personal steam shower


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